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We want to see the whole Church, whole again!

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About the Podcast

The Whole Church Podcast
Your favorite Church unity podcast!
We aim to see the whole Church, whole again. We will do this by interviewing Church leaders of various backgrounds, cultures, and denominations to see how we can pursue complete unity in Christ. We will also investigate historic arguments in the Church and how the Church has maintained unity in the face of diverse beliefs in the past.
Each episode we will leave our audience with a tangible takeaway that will enable us to take action towards real, practical Church unity.

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About your hosts

Joshua Noel

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One of the two co-hosts of The Whole Church Podcast. Aspiring pastor, teacher, and writer. Has worked with ministry in youth, children, and college-aged ministries since 2006.

TJ Blackwell

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TJ was born and now lives. He now co-hosts The Whole Church podcast