How do we disagree about Hell? - The Whole Church Podcast

Episode 193

How do we disagree about Hell?

Dr Thomas Jay Oord is back to discuss differing ideas about Hell and the afterlife with Christian Ashley and our hosts, Joshua Noel and TJ (Tiberius Juan) Blackwell! We debate the existence of hell as a literal place, the meaning of salvation, and the nature of God. Christian represents the classic view of eternal punishment; Joshua maintains that either an annihilationist view or a universalist view would make the most sense; Dr Oord suggests that God pursues everyone in love in this life and the next, but cannot force anyone into heaven or hell; and, TJ debates whether it even matters what he believes about the subject.


Is there such thing as Hell? What is Hell and where is it? What does God say about Hell? What is the eternal punishment in Christianity? What is the everlasting punishment in the Bible? What is the difference between conditional immortality and annihilationism? What is the meaning of the word annihilism? Do Christians still believe in predestination? What is the universalism of Christianity? Does the Bible support universalism? What are the beliefs of the universalists? How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? Would a loving God send anyone to hell? What is God's purpose for hell? What did Jesus say about hell? What does God say about loving others?


In this episode, we will:

  • Debate differing stances on hell
  • Discuss the nature of God and what it means to be "all-loving"
  • Ask whether God can save Hitler or not
  • Define the differences of unity and uniformity


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