Are Christians required to tithe? - The Whole Church Podcast

Episode 211

Are Christians required to tithe?

We are back with another Round Table discussion! This time Joshua Noel and TJ (Tiberius Juan) Blackwell are joined by Elizabeth (Pangalangan) & Taylor Clyde (of Faith Church - Assemblies of God) , Joseph Dea (Home Church & Nondenominational), and Will Rose (Pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Chapel Hill, NC). We will be discussing whether or not all Christians should tithe & if Churches should still have memberships!


Is tithing Biblical? Why is Church membership decreasing? What did Jesus say about tithing? Is tithing biblically correct? What is the biblical law of tithing? What is the biblical way of paying tithe? What is the meaning of church membership? What does God say about church membership? What are the two requirements for membership in the church? What do you do when you become a member of a church? What does the Bible say about managing church finances? How should money be handled in a church? Should a pastor handle church finances? Other than money, what does it mean to give to the Church?


In this episode, we will:

  • Discuss various beliefs about the Biblical texts on tithing
  • Examine the need for church membership
  • Deconstruct what it means to have a gift of generosity
  • Debate the importance of giving money to the Church


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The book Joshua mentioned in the episode is actually called, "The Lost World of the Torah" by John H. Walton and J. Harvey Walton.


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